Health Choice 4 Action MA is an organization dedicated to equity for all in education and jobs without discrimination.

We seek to preserve Health Choice and informed consent. We are against medical coercion. We caution against the use of fear to contribute to an environment of bullying based on individual differences and choices.

Massachusetts prides itself on diversity and inclusion with a proven history of passing laws which limit and frown upon discrimination on the basis of any civil liberty or right. Our constitution shaped that of the nation and was the first to claim everyone to be equal. This needs to include medical decisions that individuals and families make for themselves and their bodies and their children. Not one medical intervention, food, environmental component, decision, way of life is applicable to every citizen. Our bodies are all unique and we are the ultimate arbiters of what we put into them, the beliefs and cultures we follow.

“The Massachusetts Public Accommodation Law prohibits, among other things, making any distinction, discrimination, or restriction in admission to or treatment in a place of public accommodation based on race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, deafness, blindness, or any physical or mental disability, or ancestry.”

Health Choice 4 Action is a registered 501(c)(4) organization. Our Massachusetts team is leading the lobbying/education efforts within the state in opposition to 4 bills introduced this legislative session pertaining to the removal/restriction of exemptions for school.

Health Choice 4 Action – MA

39 Dodge St. #162
Beverly, MA 01915