1. Call ALL of the Public Health Committee members and voice our opposition to the first three bills, listed on the right.

Flood their phone lines and RESPECTFULLY voice our opposition!

If you’ve never done this before, here is an example of what you can say:
“Hi my name is XYZ. As a Massachusetts resident I would like to voice my opposition to bills H.2411, S.1517 and H.2271. Please record my name and opposition. Thank you very much.”

If they do not answer, please leave a voicemail!

MA Joint Committee on Public Health


Joanna Comerford (Chair)
(617) 722-1532

Susan Moran (Vice Chair)
(617) 722-1330

Harriette Chandler
(617) 722-1544

Rebecca Rausch
(617) 722-1555

Julian Cyr
(617) 722-1570

Patrick O’Connor
(617) 722-1646


Marjorie Decker (Chair)
(617) 722-2060

Brian Murray (Vice Chair)
(617) 722-2396

Paul Schmid
(617) 722-2017

Jack Patrick Lewis
(617) 722-2030

Andres Vargas
(617) 722-2396

Jon Santiago
(617) 722-2130

Brian Ashe
(617) 722-2430

Kay Khan
(617) 722-2011

Vanna Howard
(617) 722-2800

Hannah Kane
(617) 722-2810

Shawn Dooley
(617) 722-2263

2. Find your legislators (Representative & Senator)

Add their emails and phone numbers to your contacts & bookmark their webpage.

3. Call and/or Email Your Legislators

Express your opposition to the negative bills and/or support for positive bills.
Give them a compliment about something they supported in the past and/or let them know you have an interest in any legislation impacting education.

If you are a member of a minority, marginalized, or special needs community, it will be important to mention this and to emphasize the importance of access to education.

4. Identify Public Health & Education Committee Members

If YOUR Representative or Senator is on the Public Health Committee:
Ask for a meeting. Health Choice leadership can arrange supports for your meeting (a health professional or experienced citizen-advocate who has met with legislators before). If a legislator is deemed to be a “lost cause”, blanket emails rather than a meeting, might be better. We can help you.

If YOUR Representative or Senator is on the Education Committee:
It very important to send an email and ask for a meeting. The bills in EDUCATION are bills we support. More information on these bills coming soon.

Bills We Oppose

Rausch’s bill on the Senate side – An Act Promoting Community Immunity
(formerly SD.1499)

House version of the Rausch Community Immunity Act (S1517)

Vargas’ Bill – An Act Relative to Vaccines & Preventing Future Disease Outbreaks
(formerly H.2411)

An Act relative to the immunization registry

An Act relative to the immunization registry

Bills We Support

An Act supporting physician autonomy and clinical judgment in personalized medical care

An Act relative to the protection of medical exemptions for immunizations for school attendance.

An Act to reduce vaccine hesitancy.